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    When a loved one dies, it can impact the family unit significantly. It is a stressful time, without the added pressure of having to take care of the estate. If you have been tasked with this responsibility, Paramount Law can provide you with all the advice you need at this difficult time.

    Other Wills and Estate Law services we provide include preparing your will to ensure that you adequately provide for your loved ones, and contesting wills.

    How Do I Contest a Will?

    If you are within your rights, Paramount Law will provide legal advice regarding contesting the validity of a will, and help you challenge it.

    In order to contest a will, Paramount Law will help you establish whether:

    • the deceased was a parent, a guardian or a spouse, or whether you were dependent on them to adequately provide for you. This is known as a family provision claim.
    • the will is invalid.
    • the deceased was mentally or legally unable to create a valid will (no testamentary capacity).
    • the deceased was threatened or pressured into signing a will (undue influence).

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