We were overjoyed when we heard about a new regulation that will soon become available for our injured worker clients.

Victor Dominello, Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, released a Press Release on 26 October 2015, indicating the New South Wales Government's intention to create a new regulation that will enable injured workers to access a further lump sum.

The regulation will see that workers who have made claims for lump sum compensation before the 19 June 2012, will be able to make a further claim, should their conditions deteriorate significantly. According to the release, the regulation will commence in November.

When this regulation comes into effect, we will consider the funding position in more detail and we will then be able to weigh up options for our clients who are eligible.

If you have been injured at work, and you have received a lump sum before June 2012, but your condition has deteriorated dramatically since then, we urge you to collect any medical records and information and to get in touch with Paramount Compensation Lawyers, your specialist in personal injury law.

Paramount Compensation Lawyers specialise in all areas of compensation law and carry Accredited Specialist status.

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