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    Experiencing violent crime can have severe short and long term impacts on your wellbeing. The trauma of a violent crime can be debilitating, not just for the immediate victim but also for those close to the victim or incident.

    Whether you’ve been the direct victim of a violent crime, a witness, or you’re the loved one of a victim – you deserve support and compensation to help you heal and receive justice.

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    We understand how unsettling and challenging it can be to put your life back together as a victim, and we are committed to providing the right service to ensure you’re supported.

    Our compassionate team of compensation experts can guide you through the process of claiming compensation for the physical, psychological or financial injury you have sustained through a violent crime experience.

    Violent crimes can be committed anywhere, not just on the streets, and our team can support you if you’ve experienced assault, and sexual assault or abuse in government institutions including religious institutions, schools, foster care, the defence force, unlawful detention and much more.

    Who can lodge a Victim of Crime Compensation claim?

    Many people aren’t aware that they are eligible to claim compensation as a victim of violent crime. They think they must be the direct victim of a crime to receive damages. However the reality is violent crime impacts everyone, and you may be eligible to receive compensation if you:

    • Have been injured as a result of violent incidents or act
    • Have a child who has been injured in a violent crime or act
    • Have experienced trauma and psychological harm as a result of witnessing a violent crime
    • Have lost a family member or loved one as a result of a violent crime


    What does compensation cover?

    It’s can’t undo the act or experience, however, compensation can help relieve some of the financial, physical and psychological harm experienced through violent crime. Financial compensation can help you:

    • Cover medical costs, tests and treatment
    • Receive psychological support and treatment
    • Access to support services including cleaner, and home help
    • Cover loss of income
    • Gain financial support for immediate needs such as funeral expenses, costs associated with ensuring safety


    Only the best with Paramount Law compensation experts

    With Paramount Law you’ll experience leading customer service, victim support and legal services. Our no-win-no-fee service ensures you don’t experience any further financial burden – and we don’t take on a case we can’t win.

    With our leading compensation experts you’ll receive:

    • Dedicated professionals
    • Compassionate team
    • Honesty, trust and integrity
    • Experienced compensation experts

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