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Superannuation cover is compulsory in Australia, and most policies combine superannuation and TPD (Total Permanent Disability) cover. If you take a look at your super fund policy fine print, you may notice that you have been paying for TPD as well.

Many people who are faced with personal injuries don’t realise that they may be covered for superannuation and TPD. This allows you to benefit from both your investment in the superannuation and TPD policy and compensation from workers compensation, public liability or other sources.

Looking to make a claim against superannuation or TPD cases?

While it is easy enough to prove that you’re entitled to a death benefit, the TPD compensation will depend on the terms of your superannuation and TPD benefit. This will typically involve the scope of your disability and the period during which you are unable to earn an income, or a portion of your regular income from an occupation for which you are suitably educated, trained, and experienced.

Insurance companies wish to minimise their payouts and often look for loopholes to minimise or avoid paying benefits. Most claimants are referred to medical specialists for assessments. The goal is generally to justify the insurer’s decision to deny indemnity by alleging that you are able to work in any role or capacity.

However, Paramount Compensation Lawyers don’t give up that quickly. We will assist you in obtaining your own medical reports, and if necessary, commence legal proceedings. From there, an independent judge will decide whether the insurer is reasonable in denying your claim. We have found that once legal proceedings have commenced, settlement negotiations usually follow and matters are settled before a hearing takes place.

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