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Been involved in a fall or accident? It’s likely it could have been prevented. Let our slip over compensation lawyers help you win your case.

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    It’s likely your accident could have been prevented; your case could help other people avoid falls or trips in the same area. We are Sydney, Brisbane and Perth’s leading team in this field, and can help you receive what you need to recover – granting you peace of mind across the board.

    Trips, slips and falls are increasing every year in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and around Australia

    If you happen to be involved in an accident at work or in another context, it’s not uncommon to blame yourself or feel like you need to suppress the situation. The truth is, negligence and bad building design contribute to many instances where these circumstances occur. These can often result in serious injury and even death. Given that many victims are the elderly or young children, these accidents frequently go unreported and can lead to more people experiencing the same trauma.

    There have been studies conducted over the last decade that show these types of accidents are becoming more common. More people and an aging population, have meant that the high-risk groups are getting larger, leading to a significant increase in accidents, leading to unintentional injuries. When these occur and are reported and investigated, experts regularly discover that they could have been prevented.

    How we can help you receive the trip compensation you may be entitled to

    Many of these related injuries are preventable and should not have happened in the first place. Our fall compensation lawyers in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and around Australia investigate the cause of the accident allowing clients to receive the financial support and justice they deserve.

    However, a key factor of a successful case is getting in touch with us as soon as possible. Many people will wait to discuss the issue with their insurance company or the owners of the building or area where the accident occurred. Both of these stakeholders are focused on limiting their liability and ensuring you don’t get fully compensated. Talk to us before you discuss any aspect of your case with either party.

    When you work with our fall compensation lawyers, we will comprehensively detail your account of the incident and the conditions under which it occurred. This is important as property owners and employers are often eager to remove or fix any underlying causes that have been revealed by your accident. We will gather evidence and reports, secure any security or CCTV footage, and create a cohesive summation of your case.


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