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Did you settle your sexual assault claim against any institution without legal representation between 1970 and 2018?

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As a traumatic and life-changing experience, sexual abuse and assault is something that should always be taken seriously. It can leave psychological scars on those involved, and can create huge challenges in terms facing what has occured. During this difficult period, it’s important you seek out the compensation you deserve, from a team you can trust to ensure justice is served up.

At Paramount Law, we’re well-versed in these situations, helping out clients gain knowledgable legal and financial support from their claim. This level of support helps victims access the medical, psychological and financial assistance they need to recover their own sense of wellbeing and lifestyle again. Taking important steps towards safety, we ensure your payments are a true indication of the trauma you have experienced.

Am I really a victim?

Sexual assault can occur at any point of time, and can be committed by virtually anyone. That might mean a stranger, de facto partner, boyfriend, spouse, colleague or someone else you have crossed paths with.

It can also happen in any form of setting – be it the workplace, at university, hospitals, clubs or even the church. There is no limit to when, where and by who this crime can be committed. In fact, it does not matter when or where it even occured – if you have experienced sexual assault, you are entitlted to receive support, financial compensation and justice for the trauma you have undergone.

Where we help

You don’t need to feel alone – because you’re not. At Paramount Law, our sexual assault compensation experts will work hard to make sure you get what you deserve. With a personalised, comprehensive and attention-focused solution in hand, we’ll work through all the important details to create an outcome that gives you peace of mind and a sense of security.

  • We have a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement
  • We’ll conduct an initial consultation to assess the abuse or assault case you are involved in
  • Our offices provide a welcoming, convenient experience for you to kickstart the process in
  • If you’re not able to travel, we can come to you for the initial consultation

If you feel you are a victim of sexual assault, we urge you to get in touch with our team to reap the compensation you truly deserve. Contact Paramount Law now on 1300 727 266.

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