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    Have you been the victim of physical or sexual abuse at the hands of a religious institution?

    It can be very confusing to experience abuse or assault by someone you should be able to trust, especially when that someone holds a position of power. Whether it’s a priest, nun, pastor, iman, clergy member or religious or spiritual leader – being assaulted or abused is always wrong.

    These kinds of experiences can cause serious trauma. Often victims don’t report the behaviour because they are fearful and confused. Some are threatened or made to feel like the abuse is their fault.

    Many victims suffer abuse for years as a result of grooming and don’t realise they are able to get help and report their perpetrator until much later in life. Some victims don’t lodge their claims until almost 30 years after the abuse, and it’s important to know that historic abuse can still be pursued for compensation.

    If you’ve experienced assault or abuse in a religious institution, you can claim compensation to help you heal, work through your trauma and receive damages for your psychological, physical and financial injury.

    What constitutes assault or abuse?

    The important thing to remember is that anything done to you without your informed consent, or that you are forced or coerced into, is an abuse of your rights. While there are common forms of assault and abuse including violence, rape, molestation and sexual harassment, each case is different and there is no set definition of what your experience should look like to qualify for compensation.

    Victims of sexual assault can suffer from severe depression, anxiety, suffer from flashbacks and PTSD, have suicidal thoughts and can have trouble forming healthy relationships and holding a job.

    If you suffer from any of these symptoms, or any other injury as a result of abuse it’s important you receive the right compensation to help you manage your trauma and access support services.

    We are here to help you through this process

    Our compassionate team of compensation experts have helped thousands of survivors access compensation for assault and sexual abuse. We understand the system and can help guide you through the process so you feel completely supported the whole time.

    We can help you lodge a compensation claim against:

    • Churches
    • Mosques
    • Temples
    • Faith-based organisations

    And other religious and faith-oriented organisations and your perpetrator/s.

    The compensation you receive can help you:

    • Costs associated with medical treatment
    • Counselling, psychologist and psychiatric support
    • Loss of income
    • Wellbeing damages
    • Home support services
    • And other costs and damages.

    If you have been the victim of abuse or assault you can call our team for a confidential discussion about your case. As experts in institutional abuse in schools, foster care, defence and illegal detention we are sensitive to the challenging and traumatising nature of these incidents and will treat you with dignity, respect and care.

    Our no-win-no-fee services also mean you don’t need to worry about suffering any more financial hardship or out-of-pocket costs for your compensation claim.

    Call us on 1300 727 266 or contact us for an obligation free consultation with a compensation expert.

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