Compensation payout calculator Sydney

Would you like to know how much compensation could be due to you?

Since compensation is determined based on the type of injury sustained, we can't give you an exact amount. However, our claims calculator will give you a fairly accurate estimate on what could be available to you, based on typical* compensation awards based on injury, and past cases within Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

Simply hover over the injured body part to receive an estimated compensation amount.

Head Injuries Neck Injuries Back Injuries Arm & Shoulder Injuries Arm & Shoulder Injuries Wrist & Elbow Injuries Wrist & Elbow Injuries Hand Injuries Hip Injuries Leg & Knee Injuries Leg & Knee Injuries Ankle Injuries Ankle Injuries Feet Injuries Feet Injuries


Post Traumatic disorder - subject to all heads of damages and WPI

Up to $487,000 - Inability to cope with life and/or work or affects relationships with family and friends

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