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Strip searched so police can meet quotas?

Oppressive police powers like move-on directions and invasive searches should not be the subject of random “KPIs” or targets. It’s unethical, erodes trust in police – and is probably illegal.

Deputy State Coroner Pill Test Findings

The deputy state coroner Harriet Grahame will recommend pill testing and the abolition of police sniffer dogs and body searches, according to a leaked draft of her final report. Her recommendations, touted as radical, include a government funded pill...

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A new sniff test from the Coroner

The State Coroner Harriet Grahame is set to push a dramatic reduction of police drug operations and the inclusion of pill testing at music events and festivals.The Daily Telegraph recently reported that the coroner has also asked for the elimination of...

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Family sues over toddler strip search by police

A toddler, who was stripped by police during his visit to see his dad in jail, is suing the state. Occurring on Father’s Day in 2018, the incident involved the 16-month-old and a police officer who allegedly took him out of the capsule in his aunt’s car,...

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Accident At Work? What Laws Protect You?

No claim is too big nor too small for David Marocchi, especially against corporate giants, such as insurance companies, infamously known for their brutal handling of claims and cases.David tells us how he takes on any case and what employees and their employers alike,...

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