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    Have you or a loved one experienced physical or sexual abuse in foster care? We can help you receive justice through compensation.

    Paramount Law are one of Australia’s leading compensation law experts and we have helped thousands of individuals and families lodge successful compensation claims for sexual and physical abuse in institutions.

    As a victim of abuse or assault, you have the right to pursue compensation to help you access the support you need to heal and cover damages to your personal and financial wellbeing.

    While compensation will never undo a victim’s experience, it can contribute to you feeling more empowered and supported, and bring a sense of justice to your situation.

    Are you a victim of sexual or physical abuse?

    Unfortunately, survivors of abuse in foster care often don’t identify as being a victim or don’t believe they have the right to speak up or seek compensation. This is often a result of ‘grooming’ in which predators embark on persistent, long term behaviours to convince children that non-consensual sexual conduct is ok. Often victims are threatened or convinced that the behaviour is their fault, and told not to tell anyone.

    This type of experience can leave victims feeling ashamed, guilty, confused and fearful. Many people don’t fully identify that they have been a victim of assault and abuse in foster care until much later in life.

    Whether your experiences were a few years ago, or 30 years ago – you can still pursue compensation, and our team can help.

    We understand your injuries and suffering can be invisible from the outside

    Often the most severe impacts and injury of sexual and physical abuse in foster care is invisible from the outside. When an abuser holds positions of power of children or young adults as caregiver victims can feel powerless.

    This ongoing abuse of power can cause severe anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, fear and distrust of authority and institutions, hopelessness and much more.

    Often victims feel if they haven’t been physically injured no one will believe them or their experiences aren’t severe enough to pursue compensation. However unseen psychological and social trauma can be extremely debilitating, and you are entitled to compensation to help you recover and access support.

    With compensation you can receive financial resources to cover:

    • Cover costs associated with medical treatment
    • Counselling, psychologist and psychiatric support
    • Loss of income
    • Home support services
    • And other costs and damages


    We’re ready to help

    As experts in institutional abuse in schools, religious organisations and government institutions we are sensitive to the challenging and traumatising nature of these incidents and will treat you with honesty, respect and care.

    Our no-win-no-fee services also mean you don’t need to worry about suffering any more financial hardship or out-of-pocket costs for your compensation claim.

    Call us on 1300 727 266 or contact us for an obligation free consultation with a compensation expert.

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