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    Paramount Law can help you receive justice and compensation for sexual or physical abuse at in the Defense Force.

    Have you been the victim of sexual or physical assault or abuse by a fellow officer, superior or other members of the Defence Force?

    If so please know, you are not alone.

    Unfortunately, there are thousands of cases of sexual and physical abuse in the Defence Force, and our team can help you navigate the process of claiming justice.

    We understand it can be extremely intimidating to speak up and confront your attacker and the institution of the Defence Force. Many victims have spent years suffering in silence, being threatened by their perpetrator and believing their abuse was their fault.

    We are here to support you every step of the way.

    Abuse is never your fault. As experts in compensation law, our team have years of experience helping victims face religious, educational and government institutions. We know the system and how it works, and we understand how scary the process can be.

    Sexual assault in any institution can be deeply traumatising. Survivors often suffer many invisible injuries including depression, anxiety, flashbacks, PTSD, suicidal ideation and many more emotional and psychological challenges.

    These injuries can be more debilitating than physical injuries and stop you living your life to the fullest.

    With Paramount Law you can begin the process of reclaiming your life, receiving justice and getting the support you deserve.

    The nature of the Defence Force can mean junior recruits are often targeted by their superiors and forced to endure inhumane and violent abuse, with their perpetrator threatening them with their jobs, their reputations and even their lives.

    Claiming compensation is not just important for survivors to receive support and justice, it’s essential in ensuring these predators are held accountable for their actions.

    With compensation you can receive financial resources to cover:

    • Costs associated with medical treatment
    • Counselling, psychologist and psychiatric support
    • Loss of income
    • Home support services
    • And other costs and damages

    If you are ready to explore lodging a compensation claim against the Defence force for yourself call our team for a confidential discussion.

    We offer a no-win-no fee service so you can pursue compensation without any out of pocket costs. Plus we don’t take on cases we can’t win, so if we represent you, you can trust in a successful outcome.

    Our supportive team will talk through your case and the process so you know exactly what to expect. Remember you are not alone, and with Paramount Law you have the backing of legal experts who successfully fight institutional abuse every day.

    Call us on 1300 727 266 or contact us to talk to our team and start your process of justice and healing.

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