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Looking to carry out class action? Let us guide you towards the path to success.

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Looking to carry out class action? Let us guide you towards the path to success.

Amended Defence

The plaintiff is allowed to amend their statement of claim once without the court’s permission within 28 days from when it was filed to correct an error, clarify, add or remove grounds, correct the name, add or remove parties involved.

Amended Statement Of Claim

A plaintiff may, without leave, amend a statement of claim once within 28 days after the date on which it was filed, but, unless the court otherwise orders, may not amend it after a date has been fixed for trial.

Opt Out Notice

In opt-out class actions the court will require the representative plaintiff to send an opt-out notice to all known class members who have the same interest in the class action.

Revised Public Notice

A notice sent by the Supreme Court to provide information to persons who might be members of the group on whose behalf the action is brought and may be affected by the action.

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