Information and articles on personal injury claims and other legal changes that may be affecting you.

Recent Changes in Motor Accident Laws and Costs

Recently there have been updates to existing motor law in New South Wales that directly affect those injured and seeking compensation. To ensure that you stay informed of the changes, we have presented the two key changes in this blog. Changes to Legal Costs in New...

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Better Understanding Alternate Workers Compensation

Unbeknownst to many, workers compensation goes beyond simple injury in the workplace. In this blog, we illustrate a relatively unknown means by which workers compensation can be achieved: workplace-related hearing impairment. Considering the number of trades and...

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New Regulation for Injured Workers in NSW

We were overjoyed when we heard about a new regulation that will soon become available for our injured worker clients. Victor Dominello, Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, released a Press Release on 26 October 2015, indicating the New South Wales...

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Available Insurance Influences Your Settlement

When another person's carelessness causes you to suffer an injury, one of the first things your lawyer will determine, is the available insurance. Your lawyer will most likely go after the insurance in a car accident case, rather than after the individual who...

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Proving Responsibility in a Personal Injury Accident

After a personal injury, it is easy to say that the responsible party should pay, but the first step requires proof that the were legally at fault. Determining liability can be complicated, but it usually hinges on carelessness or negligence. Statistics show that most...

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