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The Paramount Lawyers team has extensive experience supporting people across Perth, Brisbane, Liverpool and Canberra, providing the representation and guidance they need to get the best for themselves, their family or their business. Led by managing director and founding partner David Marocchi, we help people move on after loss, incident or negligence affects their quality of life.

With a body of experience covering all areas of compensation law including motor vehicle accidents, negligence including financial mismanagement and medical malpractice, public liability, workplace accidents, wrongful arrest and superannuation and TPD (Total Permanent Disability), David Marocchi is equipped to support you. An accredited specialist in personal injury law holding a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Sydney, he has helped hundreds of clients achieve a result that leads to a more satisfying life. Fluent in spoken and written Italian, David Marocchi is well-equipped to service Australia’s multicultural community.

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Negligence claims

Qld Compensation Lawyers & Personal Injury Specialists

Due diligence is of utmost importance when it comes to the welfare of your family, your home or your business. Every day, we put our trust in professionals: doctors, financial advisers, realtors, builders, engineers, educators or caretakers and many more. We rely on those people to deliver the best outcomes that keep our lives ticking over safely and comfortably.

We should be able to trust our doctors to provide the best care. We expect hospitals to be places of healing. We expect homes for the aged to take good care of the most fragile of our families. And we have every right to have these expectations, and it is their responsibility to deliver.

Accountants, solicitors, and medical professionals are obliged to act "by the book", so when they fail to do what is reasonably expected and it has negative consequences, we become entitled to injury settlement.

Here at Paramount Compensation Lawyers, we have dealt with many different professional negligence cases, as diverse as:

  • medical misdiagnosis
  • delayed diagnosis
  • financial mismanagement
  • ill-guided financial advice
  • inadequate service from surveyors or builders
  • substandard legal advice with negative financial consequences

If you have suffered financial injury as the result of professional negligence, we urge you to get in touch with Paramount Compensation Lawyers before time limits come into effect. We will advise you on your personal injury claim and injury settlement.

Public Liability Claims

The Civil Liabilities Act of 2002 protects you in the event of an accident or incident that occurs on public property that you were not responsible for, that causes you injury or death of a loved one. The Act covers injury, death, damage or loss to property, and economic loss which is the result of defective products or negligent service.

Property owners, organisations and individuals are responsible for taking a "reasonable amount of care" to prevent accidents and injuries, and if they don't, you may be entitled to compensation.

Paramount Compensation Lawyers will work with you to prove that the responsible person or organisation, was negligent. In some cases, your injury may fall under different categories of personal injury law and it may involve any of the following:

  • Slip and fall accidents on public property
  • Accidents on private property, if it is caused by faulty workmanship
  • Accidents that occur on recreational or entertainment property
  • Faulty products
  • Negligent services
  • Dog attacks
  • Food poisoning

Here at Paramount Compensation Lawyers, we have dealt with countless public liability cases, some that involved suing the Government, and others that relate to social justice issues that involve public interest immunity and Ombudsman secrecy.

If you feel that you have been injured or treated unjustly, get in touch with us today. We will assess your case to see whether you are entitled to a public liability claim.

Under NSW legislation, specialists in Personal Injury are prohibited from openly publishing information about this area of law.

Wrongful Arrest

Certain criteria generally has to be met before Police may legitimately arrest a suspect, even if the person has committed the offence. Wrongful arrest claims can usually be lodged in the event that you are arrested or imprisoned for a minor offence that should have been dealt with by means of a Court Attendance Notice. Even though you may be guilty of the offence, you may still be entitled to claim wrongful arrest.

If you have been acquitted (found innocent) of charges relating to:

  • resisting arrest;
  • police hindrance;
  • or assaulting police for acting outside of the execution of their duties, you may have a claim for wrongful arrest or false imprisonment. If that is the cause, you may be eligible to claim damages for the arrest and detention in custody.

Examples of Wrongful Arrest

Wrongful arrest includes cases in which you:

  • are arrested for possession when you carry a small amount of a prohibited drug.
  • are acquitted of an offence that was not properly investigated before you were arrested.
  • are being arrested and released without being given bail conditions.
  • are being called to the station for a "chat" and being arrested when you go there voluntarily.
  • present yourself to the station after an offices leaves a message for you.
  • are arrested for having an "attitude" and no other reason.
  • are arrested so that you can be interviewed or identified.
  • are arrested despite the police knowing who you are, where you live and where they could have served a Court Attendance Notice instead.
  • are handled with excessive force during an otherwise lawful arrest.
  • are arrested since the police mistakenly thought they had a warrant for your arrest.
  • are arrested shortly after an incident, with no concern for the victims or witnesses.

This is just a small sampling of possible scenarios which could make you eligible for a wrongful arrest claim.

Remember, even if you are guilty of the offence, you may still have been wrongfully arrested. It would be in your own best interest to get in touch with Paramount Compensation Lawyers right away, so that we can assist you with our no win, no fee wrongful arrest legal advice.


Superannuation cover is compulsory in Australia, and most policies combine superannuation and TPD (Total Permanent Disability) cover. If you take a look at your super fund policy's fine print, you may notice that you have been paying for TPD as well.

Many people who are faced with personal injuries don't realise that they may be covered for superannuation and TPD. This allows you to benefit from both your investment in the superannuation and TPD policy and compensation from Workers Compensation, public liability or other sources.

Am I Entitled to a Total Permanent Disability Benefit?

While it is easy enough to prove that you're entitled to a death benefit, the TPD compensation will depend on the terms of your superannuation and TPD benefit. This will typically involve the scope of your disability and the period during which you are unable to earn an income, or a portion of your regular income from an occupation for which you are suitably educated, trained, and experienced.

Denied Superannuation and TPD Claims

Insurance companies wish to minimise their payouts and often look for loopholes to minimise or avoid paying benefits. Most claimants are referred to medical specialists for assessments. The goal is generally to justify the insurer's decision to deny indemnity by alleging that you are able to work in any role or capacity.

However, Paramount Compensation Lawyers don't give up that quickly. We will assist you in obtaining your own medical reports, and if necessary, commence legal proceedings. An independent judge will decide whether the insurer is reasonable in denying your claim.

We have found that once legal proceedings have commenced, settlement negotiations usually follow and matters are settled before a hearing takes place.

We have found that once legal proceedings have commenced, settlement negotiations usually follow and matters are settled before a hearing takes place.

Let Paramount Compensation Lawyers assist with your superannuation and TPD claims.

Workplace Claims

Workplace claims can be a complicated process, but knowing that the expert workers compensation team at Paramount Compensation Lawyers is on your side, makes all the difference. With extensive experience in workplace claims, we can assist with all your workers compensation needs.

Our specialist workers compensation lawyers understand what you are going through and they work with experts to assess your past, present and future needs to ensure that you are properly compensated. Working on a no win, no fee basis means that you don't have to pay our legal fees unless we win your claim.

  • Did you have a work related injury or accident?
  • Was your health affected in the workplace?
  • Did your workplace affect your wellbeing?
  • Did your work cause a pre-existing illness, disease or injury to worsen?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be eligible to claim workers' compensation.

How To Claim Compensation: Workplace Claims

The first step to take after suffering an illness or injury in the workplace, is to report it to your employer within 30 days of you becoming aware of it. Your employer should assist you with obtaining the correct claim forms for you and your doctor to complete and attach to your medical certificate. Be sure to keep copies of these documents for your own records, but return the originals to your employer, who will have to sign them.

Lodge a copy of the claim form with your State's authority who handles workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation entitlements and laws vary by state and Paramount Compensation Lawyers can assist you with work related injury claims across Australia and in Campbelltown, Brisbane, Central Coast, Wagga Wagga, Griffith, Hong Kong and New York.

Proving Responsibility in a Personal Injury Accident

After a personal injury, it is easy to say that the responsible party should pay, but the first step requires proof that the were legally at fault. Determining liability can be complicated, but it usually hinges on carelessness or negligence.

Statistics show that most accidents happen as the result of carelessness and as a rule, if one of the persons involved in the accident took less care than another, the less careful of the two must contribute a portion of the damages suffered by the one who was more careful. This is known as Duty of Care.

The rule of carelessness is determined in conjunction with one or more of the following rules:

  • in the event of a defective product causing injury, both the seller and the manufacturer are liable.
  • The property owner is liable in the event of an accident occurring on a property that is dangerous due to poor building or maintenance.
  • The employer may be legally responsible for accidents caused by their employers.
  • Compensation may be reduced in the event that the injured person also acted carelessly.
  • The person who caused the accident might not be determined liable if the injured person was in the wrong place, or in a place where the type of injury-causing activity took place, in which event the person who caused the accident had no duty of care.

Motor Vehicle Compensation Claims

Your Entitlements Under Motor Vehicle Compensation Claims.

A successful car accident claim should result in compensation for pain and suffering, general damages, and loss of quality of life. The severity of your injury will greatly influence the size of your settlement.

The Civil Liability Regulation 2003 lists a range of formulae used to assign financial value to a variety of injuries, and is applicable in Queensland. Here, courts rely on these regulations to reach a decision regarding your compensation settlement.

Damages Awarded in Car Accident Claims Settlements

Once Paramount Compensation Lawyers has reached a settlement with the insurer, you should be compensated for a combination of, or all, of the following:

  • Past, present and future medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.
  • Loss of part of, or all of your wages.
  • Loss of superannuation entitlements.

Amounts vary significantly for each case, so we urge you to get in touch with Paramount Compensation Lawyers for a thorough (free) case assessment.

What is the cost agreement ?

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall, car accident, dog attack, work accident, or any other incident that was caused by the negligence of another person in the last 3 years, you may be entitled to a compensation settlement.

The responsible party may offer to pay you a settlement, however, you should not accept anything without first speaking to a Specialist in Personal Injury Law, because once you have accepted a settlement, you may lose any further entitlements, should circumstances necessitate in future.

Here at Paramount Compensation Lawyers, we want to ensure that you receive competent, quality legal advice and representation from personal injury specialists. We will represent you on a no win no fee basis, and provide you with sound compensation settlement advice.

  1. No-obligation, expert legal advice regarding your entitlements to compensation.
  2. Accredited experts with extensive personal injury law experience to help negotiate, settle or litigate your compensation claim.
  3. No win, no fee representation.

Contact the Paramount Compensation Lawyers helpline today to find out more about our no cost, no obligation legal advice

Under NSW legislation, specialists in Personal Injury are prohibited from openly publishing information about this area of law.

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